Introduction of Counterpoint Ensemble

In 1997, Kung-Ling Liang, the Art Director and founder of Counterpoint Ensemble, gathered the impassioned, professional musicians and built up the Ensemble in Southern Taiwan.

The Ensemble has not only performed in chamber music, but also created interdisciplinary program, in which the Ensemble works with visual artists, dancers, actors to express classical music in the diversified circumstances. In 2011, the Ensemble worked with a renowned French mime group and performed L’Amour. Bunya Koh and His Two Wives, the multidisciplinary program the Ensemble made in 2014, had been nominated by Taishin Bank Foundation for Arts and Culture. the commentator of National Culture and Arts Foundation once considered the performance of the Ensemble was “the perfect balance of music and theater.” Counterpoint Ensemble had performed in several concert halls in Taiwan, including Kaohsiung and Taipei, also acquired commendation from government for almost a decade. Furthermore, the Ensemble has received commendation from Taiwan Ministry of Culture for 5 years, being a recognition for the Ensemble’s effort and quality.


The Ensemble has been invited by the Kaohsiung Spring Arts Festival to perform annually for 8 years, also several significant festivals, including TSMC Hsin-Chu Arts Festival, Kaohsiung Wei-Wu-Ying Children Festival, and Tainan Summer Outdoor Music Festival. In the summer of 2015, the Ensemble embarked on its overseas tour to China and held three sold-out concerts in SooChow, Shanghai and ChunShan and the Beijing Arts Festival. In 2016, the Ensemble started the concerts tour to Shanghai again. Nowadays, Counterpoint Ensemble has kept performing the multidisciplinary program and chamber music in major cities’ concert halls every year, as well as expanding concert tour overseas. Furthermore, the Ensemble is committed to the highest standards in classical music repertoire and performance, as well as cultivating a sustained value for classical music to be a part of every person’s life.