Parenting Series

闔家欣賞系列 圖片 特色

I .listen

Peter Pan

The Witch’s Candy House

《Schubert’s Wild Rose》

‘O Sole Mio

’O  Sole Mio! (2013)

In tandem with clothing design ,contemporary set design,clever plot devices and interaction between cartoon projections and exquisite lighting ,an amazing magical realist atmosphere will be created.

With images,sounds and visual elements,children learn much music and fairy tales brought by implications in this concert.CCE also inspires them creative thinking while stimulating their imagination. ---- National Education Radio ,Taiwan

The prince and the pauper meets Cinderella

《A Mid-summer Night’s Dream》

A vocalist, a violinist, and an opera performer play the main characters.Their excellent performance creates bright sparks and provides an assortment of entertainment for the audience, ranging from western literature, oriental opera, vocal, instrument music, lighting, and animation.This is an all you can eat arts buffet.

《Magic Fairy Tale》 Family Concert